Over the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing ways to keep your horse trailer safe while traveling. This week, we’d like to talk a little more about one of Phoenix Coachwork Inc.’s favorite ways to protect your horses on the go: security cameras.

Security cameras can be hooked up to watch over your horses in the trailer while you focus on the road from the cab. However, you can keep an astute eye on what’s going on behind you by watching a monitor rigged to your dashboard (or a similarly convenient location). This not only allows you to ensure that your horses (or other cargo) are protected, it also provides you with peace of mind when you’re on the road.

Voyager is our brand of choice for monitors and cameras–they’re very reliable, commercial-grade units. Although a variety of options are available at lower price points, we’ve tried out many and realized that Voyager is the best blend of quality and affordability. And though some wireless systems claim to work through the wall of your cab, our testing has revealed that reception is unreliable–and what good is a semi-reliable security system?

We can work with almost any system devised by Voyager, so you can choose which kit best suits your rig. We will then install all of the necessary wiring and equipment on your horse trailer. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just completed a new horse trailer purchase from Phoenix or you’re bringing in your old tried-and-true trailer. Most horse transport vehicles can benefit from a camera security system. Call us for a custom quote for installing security cameras in your horse trailer. If you imagine the total cost of losses of one lost or injured animal or a piece of pricey equipment, it’s easy to see how these cameras pay for themselves. Extra security may also reduce your monthly insurance payments; contact your provider to learn more.

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