At Phoenix Coach Works, we put a lot of thought into creating the perfect trailer for your every need. After 25 years in the business, we have seen it all, and know the safety features you want and need to make your life easier. One of the safety features that come standard on all of our horse trailers and horse vans protects the safety of your horse’s head during the loading process, a vitally important feature.

Leading a horse into a horse trailer is not always the easiest process. Of course they are reluctant to be led into a small metal stall that inhibits them from moving around as they please (even if it is a Phoenix Coach Works quality constructed stall made of strong light weight aluminum). As the horse is being loaded chances are they can rear up at the wrong time and smack their head against the roof of the horse trailer causing cuts and injury.

That is why at Phoenix Coach Works we build our roofs to be flexible so that it will bend around the horse’s head, should they come in contact. Styrofoam insulation between the interior and exterior roofs absorbs any impact which should happen, protecting your horse and your horse trailer. This safety feature is so important that it comes standard in every horse trailer we build. We have been including this feature for so long, we often forget to mention it!

For the ultimate in safety and quality construction, call us about a custom horse trailer or van today. We are happy to help you determine the features and options that are the best fit for your needs and budget.

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