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Sprinting Into History

History must wait for another day.  On June 8th, owner J. Paul Reddam and trainer Doug O’Neal announced that the chestnut colt they call I’ll Have Another would not be running the Belmont Stakes due to a swollen left tendon.  In fact, the heavy favorite and winner of both the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby […]

Creating Works of Art

Not long ago, we decided to have a little fun with our blog by sharing a few little-known facts about the history of thoroughbred horses in light of the Kentucky Derby.  As it turns out, the 2012 race for the Triple Crown has been one for the history books as a 3-year old colt named […]

Phoenix Coach Works: Rebirth and Renewal

Upon reading our blog, discovering our services and contacting our office for consultation you may find yourself wondering how we came to be known as Phoenix Coach Works. Our name is a tribute to Phoenixville Pennsylvania, an old steel-mill town 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia where we began our company 28 years ago.  Though we […]

A Toy Story

‘To serve as a diversion rather than for serious or practical use’, that’s the definition of “toy”. The notion of what a toy is has a tendency to change over time.  Children play with toys in the form of action figures, dolls or building blocks.  As they become teenagers, the thought of playing with toys […]

Safety: Observe & Execute

Here at Phoenix Coach Works, we are fully aware that many of you are seasoned travelers, having towed horse-trailers, RVs or toy haulers hundreds of times and thousands of miles throughout your life.  However, in recent weeks we have been focusing our attention on proper towing techniques and other safety related items. Our purpose is […]

How Big Is Your Rig

Although last week’s blog contained a lot of valuable towing information with a comedic twist, we want to continue our exploration of tow-weight capacities and vehicle requirements this week.  There are many other factors that must be considered when attaching a trailer to your vehicle besides a vehicle’s maximum towing capacity. Before you even think […]

What Are You Driving?

Following a little bit of fun last week with our thoroughbred expose, it’s time to get back to business. In past months our blogs have ranged from traveling checklists to trailer tire selection and maintenance.  At this point it almost feels as if we’ve discussed nearly every possible topic related to towing horse trailers, toy […]

The Thoroughbred

If you’re a frequent visitor to this site or follow our blog regularly, you are well aware that we offer a variety of services ranging from trailer accessory installation to custom-designed trailer construction.  In recent weeks we have discussed at length many of the designs we offer such as the Phoenix Sprinter 2-horse van and […]


Are You Covered?

In several past articles we have mentioned the necessary supplies of traveling while pulling a trailer.  From emergency and first aid kits to paperwork and other miscellaneous must-have items, Phoenix Coach Works’ main concern is that our customers and those who visit our site travel safely while still having a great time. That said, even […]