‘To serve as a diversion rather than for serious or practical use’, that’s the definition of “toy”.

The notion of what a toy is has a tendency to change over time.  Children play with toys in the form of action figures, dolls or building blocks.  As they become teenagers, the thought of playing with toys becomes ‘uncool’ but teens play board games, video games and on their smart phones and computers just the same.  But when teenagers cross that dreaded threshold into adulthood, something strange happens; the idea of owning and playing with toys begins to surface again.  Only now, the toys are larger, more expensive and require time and maintenance to keep them functional.

These toys range from classic cars and motorcycles to any variety of off-road vehicles.  Adult toys are fast, shiny and fun to ride or drive.  And just as a child takes his/her favorite toy to school for show- and-tell, adults like to show their toys to their friends and tell about the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into them.  But toys this size can’t be shoved into a pocket or a backpack.  These toys need their own kind of special transportation.  These toys need toy haulers.

Lucky for you Phoenix Coach Works also builds toy-haulers and enclosed trailers as well as custom horse trailers.  All designs are fully customizable but rest assured that everything we build is done to the following standards:

  •  seamless aluminum roofs to withstand leaks
  • axle/tire combination specifically designed to your needs
  • pressure treated plywood floor with undercoat to prevent rotting
  • all-steel frame with aluminum exterior
  • full unit insulation

With this in mind, let us we take a moment to showcase the Phoenix Bike and Car RV.  This home away from home can fit two motorcycles in the 8’ width or a car in the 8.5’ version.  You find all the amenities you desire in the bathroom complete with a shower, vanity, toilet and remote electric fan.  The kitchen boasts a 2-burner cook-top with a fan, microwave, sink and a 2.5 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer.  And after a long day on the trail or in basking in the sun, you can relax and replenish yourself using the fold-down couch and dinette that easily converts into a bed.  The Phoenix Bike and Car RV is available in lengths ranging from 16’ to 24.’

It’s very important to choose the correct design for your needs so if you have any questions at all regarding our toy haulers and enclosed trailers (including 4, 6 or 8 horse trailers or a Phoenix Coach Works series van) please contact our staff and schedule a consultation.  With over 25 years of experience in over the road hauling and custom fabrication, we’ll hook you up!

We are proud to provide quality service and satisfaction to our customers.  Even more, we are happy to do it.

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