At Phoenix Coach Works, we understand that cost efficiency in every major purchase is important, especially in today’s economy. That is why our custom horse trailers are designed to do double duty by transforming from a horse trailer to a large open floor area for hauling just about anything.  At 102 inches wide and up to 53 feet long, you can easily fit an item as big as a pickup truck inside your Phoenix Coach Works horse trailer.

Converting your horse trailer into a large cargo trailer is as easy as removing the partition walls, opening the rear doors, and rolling out the ramp. Within 30 minutes you will be ready to use your horse trailer to transport farm equipment, bikes, cars, trucks, and much more. You can even use your trailer to help a friend or family member move (if you want to, if not then don’t tell them about the transformative qualities of your Phoenix Coach Works horse trailer, your secret is safe with us).

For custom built horse trailers that are built to meet your needs, and those you never even knew were possible, give us a call today. Our horse trailers are built to last. Once you switch to Phoenix Coach Works, you won’t go back…..our horse trailers last an average of 25 years, so you probably won’t have the chance to!

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