Every horse owner has different needs. Some are frequently moving their horses to and from sites for competitions. Others move horses on a weekly or monthly basis for leisure or loaning. And then some horse owners infrequently transport their horses to the vet or during moves. So it isn’t always easy to decide if you should own your own horse trailer.

If you’re a new horse owner, you may be wondering if it’s best for you to invest in owning a horse trailer and the requisite equipment. Or, if you’re a longtime horse owner, you may simply be sick of renting and borrowing used horse trailers—and worrying about whether or not you can trust their durability and construction—much less entrusting your horses’ care to the hands of strangers, in some cases. Or you may already own a horse trailer but wonder if there isn’t something that’s better-suited to your exact needs than the one you already have.

All of these concerns and considerations are important to the staff at Phoenix Coach Works. And we’re always happy to discuss your exact stipulations to see if we may be able to help you make a choice about buying a horse trailer. As experts in the industry, we may even come up with ideas and questions you haven’t even thought of yet to help you decide. Targeting your ideal specs—such as materials, weight, height, storage space, aesthetics, etc—is an important task before you invest. After all, it’s not just a matter of making a shipment—horses are more than just cargo; they’re your pets and often considered members of the family. You want to transport them with the same safety and diligence that you’d give to transporting your own kids. And we understand.

Phoenix Coach Works also customizes trailers, so when you’re ready to figure out which horse trailer to buy, you can rest assured that you’ll wind up taking home a rig that’s exact to your specifications. Eliminate the hassle of hauling your horses by consulting with the friendly staff and considering the variety of options at Phoenix Coach Works.

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