Last week, we talked about a few ways to keep your horse trailer safe. But security measures such as sturdy locks and trailer alarms aren’t the only ways to protect your investment. First and foremost, you need to consider buying horse trailer insurance.

Your car insurance provider may already provide coverage plans for your horse trailer. If it does, this will almost always be your most cost-efficient option. If it’s not offered outright, be sure to ask if you get any discounts for insuring multiple vehicles through one provider. If not, you may want to consider switching to an insurer with such benefits.

And once you’re ready to buy, not all plans are the same. You may be able to add extended coverage, such as damage from natural disasters, which are not typically covered in basic plans. You can also choose between options for pricing, such as insuring your horse trailer for the amount you paid for it or the amount it would take to replace it. You may even be able to negotiate a fixed price to cover your horse trailer’s worth.

A few things to look for in a standard plan include coverage for parked or moving trailers, theft, collision, towing, roadside assistance and fire damage. Of course, you also want to be sure your belongings within the trailer are covered—including your most prized possessions, your horses.

Don’t hesitate to ask Phoenix Coach Works, Inc. for advice about how to best buy insurance for your new or refurbished horse trailer.

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