Leaks in the roofs of fifth wheel toy haulers are one of the most common RV repairs that we see at Phoenix Coach Works. These leaks can ruin the interiors of your toy hauler camper and eventually lead to floor rot, a very expensive toy hauler rv repair which requires removal of the interiors to replace the floorboard. This repair is so expensive, that many customers often opt to forego the repair and buy a new toy hauler camper.

At Phoenix Coach Works, we ensure that our first priority is quality construction to avoid these types of problems. Our products are built to stand up to the rigors of everyday commercial use. Here are a few examples of the quality construction methods we utilize:

• Our floors are created from pressure treated plywood that is then undercoated to prevent floor rot

• Our roofs are constructed from a solid piece of aluminum instead of using rubber or seamed roofs that break down over time

Our philosophy is: Build it as if it were your own, and treat the customer as you would family. Strive for excellence everyday and learn from yesterday.

It is a dedication to quality and workmanship that sets Phoenix Coach Works Inc. apart from the rest. Perhaps that is why, after 25 years in business, 90% of our products are still on the road.

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