Upon reading our blog, discovering our services and contacting our office for consultation you may find yourself wondering how we came to be known as Phoenix Coach Works.

Our name is a tribute to Phoenixville Pennsylvania, an old steel-mill town 35 miles northwest of Philadelphia where we began our company 28 years ago.  Though we have since moved to our current location in Pottstown, Pa, the name Phoenix Coach Works still  conveys relevance to the type of services we provide.

A Phoenix is a mythological bird with vibrant plumage and a tail of gold.  Every 500 years the Phoenix builds a nest where it wildly bursts into flames and crumbles to ash.  From these ashes a new Phoenix will emerge to soar the heavens for another 500 years.  Due to its perpetual life-cycle, the Phoenix has come to represent immortality, rebirth and renewal.

That is precisely what Phoenix Coach Works provides for our customers.  We build our custom trailers using the highest quality standards and perform a variety of other services that will renew your vessel.  Our sole purpose in business is to ensure that the trailers we build and service remain on the road for years to come.

Tow-vehicles can really take a beating while on the road so if you currently own a 4-horse trailer, 2-horse van, utility trailer or toy hauler that is need of repair or restoration, let Phoenix Coach Works immortalize your rig.  And while your unit is being pampered by our experienced staff, make it a true Phoenix with a custom design.

Just storm your brain and create a wish-list for your trailer.  Anything you’ve ever dreamt would make towing and traveling easier, just let us know and we can help resolve your concerns.  If safety is your top priority, you’ve come to the right place.  Our staff has over 60 combined years of experience in the industry and if there’s something to raise a brow about, we’ve probably seen it before.

Regardless of your needs, Phoenix Coach Works has the ability to satisfy them.  We have been going strong now for 28 years and look forward to 28 more.  Even in the face of a depressed economy we will thrive and continue to provide the highest standard of quality service available in the industry.

So if you’re looking to purchase a new 2-horse van, toy hauler or enclosed trailer or simply need repair work to bring your existing trailer back into operating condition, please contact Phoenix Coach Works and schedule a consultation.

We do what we do so you can do what you love.

Here at Phoenix Coach Works, we are fully aware that many of you are seasoned travelers, having towed horse-trailers, RVs or toy haulers hundreds of times and thousands of miles throughout your life.  However, in recent weeks we have been focusing our attention on proper towing techniques and other safety related items. Our purpose is not to bore or insult the intelligence and experience of our weathered vets but rather to educate and inform those who are just beginning their travels.

Whether you tow a 6×8 tilt-bed or a 4 horse trailer with a tack room and sleeping quarters, there are certain techniques and driving habits that must be learned and observed.  If a driver fails to abide by these principles, vehicles, trailers, people and their animals may fall victim to their negligence and unsafe towing practices.  That is why it is important to discuss safety at such lengths.

Practice, Practice, Practice:  Before cruising on the interstate, you’ll need to get some practice operating your rig.  Even if it’s a small trailer, the additional weight as well as your extended length will change the way your vehicle handles.  If you’re used to heavy, last-minute braking, you need to practice giving yourself more space and time to slow your rig to a stop.

One of the most frequent complications when towing a trailer is backing up.  Practicing backing will not only ensure the safety of your rig and those riding in it, but it’ll impress bystanders as they watch you finesse your trailer into position.

WIDE LOAD:  If you’re towing a trailer or RV that has a wider wheelbase than your vehicle, you will need to replace the standard side mirrors with a larger set or install mirror extensions.  You also want to consider the length and width of your rig when making any spatial judgments including turns and passing other vehicles (most likely you’ll be the one getting passed as safe towing requires driving at reduced speeds).

Keep it steady:  Aside from being scary, trailer sway can be extremely hazardous and cause your rig to jackknife if not corrected promptly.  In order to prevent trailer sway, make sure your load is evenly distributed and maintain a steady, consistent speed with as little lane change as possible.  If your trailer has independent brakes, you can correct trailer sway by applying the trailer brakes without the vehicle brakes.

It seems that almost anything truly enjoyable comes with some sort of risk or hazard.  Traveling while towing a trailer is no different.  Whether you’re hauling quads in your enclosed trailer or livestock in your 6 horse trailer, safety should always be your number one concern.

And if you happen to discover something during your rig’s inspection that needs repair or slight fabrication, please contact Phoenix Coach Works and schedule a consultation.  We take pride in what we do so you can take pride in what you tow.

Last week we gave an enthusiastic shout out to our customers as a way to show our appreciation for the people who help make Phoenix Coach Works a success.

This week we’d like to get back on task and start talking business once more.  As was described last week, our customers range from lifelong equestrians to individuals who possess a nostalgia for shiny, chromed-out toys.

For those who have been loading and unloading trailers their entire life, please be patient as we provide an overview of how to properly prepare and tow a large trailer.  As a matter of fact, this week’s post may even serve as a reminder to some of the mundane tasks that often go overlooked after years of repetitive behavior.

Whether you’re hauling a classic car or several of your prizewinning stallions, safety in transportation is the primary concern when you’re planning to hit the road.  For that reason, begin with a thorough inspection of the vehicle with which you plan to haul.  Starting in the front and working your way back, check the following:

–          Fluid levels (including transmission, oil, and water/antifreeze)

–          All tires (including the spare) for unusual wear and correct air pressure

–          Make sure the hitch is attached correctly and securely

–          Wiring harness is clean and all wires are in place

–          All proper documents and licenses are in the glove box

Once you have checked your towing vehicle, it is time to inspect your horse trailer, toy hauler, or enclosed trailer.  Again, working your way from front to back look closely at the following:

–          Trailer wiring harness is clean and all wires are in place

–          Test the handbrake

–          Make sure there is no damage to the breakaway cable/chains

–          All tires (including the spare) for unusual wear and correct air pressure

–          Trailer structure for rust, loose fasteners, cracks and breaks.

If you happen to notice any structural damaged, feel free to contact Phoenix Coach Works to schedule an appointment and receive a thorough assessment of the damage.

Now that you have completed this checklist, you can safely attach your trailer to your vehicle and be on your way.  Be sure to remember all necessary items including extra gear, a human and horse first aid kit, and all emergency roadside equipment.  If you are having trouble thinking of the essentials needed for your truck and trailer, please refer to our past blog-post titled Dream the Possible Dream.  It provides a detailed list of many of the items that many travelers include while packing their horse, car, or enclosed trailer.

Most importantly though, don’t forget to have fun.  Life is a journey best traveled with those you love and a smile on your face.  So put your stress behind you and embrace the open road, trail or meadow.  Though you may already know your intended destination, buckle up and ride because in life, if you don’t know where you’re headed any road will take you there.

Ever get the urge to add some excitement to your trip by bringing along a furry friend? No, we’re not talking about toting horses this time, nor are we discussing a road trip with your old college pal. But sometimes when you’re on the road for long stretches of time, you like to bring a pet along for extra fun and company. Especially when you’re at a rest stop and see others parking their rigs and then stretching their legs while they play with their four-legged cab companions.

Of course, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to bring your cat, dog, ferret or bird along in your toy hauler, truck, van or RV.

1. Safety. Check your vehicle with an eye toward your animal’s safety. Depending on the size of the animal you may want to keep your furry friend in an area of your rv or trailer during the trip. The best way to learn the ropes is to take a short test drive before the long haul. And since your animal’s encountering new environments and new people, you should be sure that it’s up to date on all of its vaccines and shots. It’s also vital that you’re aware of pet stores and animal hospitals between your point of origin and destination—just in case.

2. Comfort. While it’s all right to let your pet roam if you’ve taken the correct safety precautions, you’ll want to be sure that he or she has a designated area, such as a crate. Make sure he or she has plenty of room to lie down, stretch out and sit up. You don’t only have to take into account your pet’s comfort, but your own as well. Fido might love to sit in your lap or Kitty might like to nap by your feet, but those aren’t the best options. And even the best-trained pets sometimes exhibit atypical behavior on the road; for example, your pet may be getting car sick or using the restroom in your vehicle, and you’ll want to think about any mess or smells that might make a long drive a lot more unpleasant. You also don’t want an animal that’s going to make excessive noise that can distract you while driving.

3. Convenience. Having a pet with you may limit which hotels, parking areas and camp sites you visit (with your Phoenix Coach Works toy hauler rv, enclosed trailer, or horse van). So before you take off, you’ll want to double-check any pet restrictions along your route. You also want to take into account the extra time and mileage for stops you might need to make to take your pets for walks to stretch and get fresh air.

An RV can be a big investment, and we know that you want to get the best that’s out there at a fair cost. That’s our aim, too. For your consideration, we’ve compiled a list of Cs that might help you “see” why we’re the top choice for your new RV or trailer purchase.

For your comfort and convenience, Phoenix Coach Works RVs come equipped with:

1. Convertibility—RVs can suit many purposes. You can store your motorcycles or store your pals. A few tweaks can make it suitable for loading and unloading bikes or hitting the next campsite.

2. Cooking tools (microwave, 2-burner cook top, mini freezer fridge)—you don’t have to always eat fast food on the road. Stay healthy, save money and spare time by cooking in your enclosed trailer on the go.

3. Couch beds—easily changed from upright to flat for hanging out or sleeping.

4. Climate control—A/C, heat and hot water keep you at the right temp at all times. All of our trailers and toy haulers are also insulated and weather-resistant to protect your belongings.

5. Customization—one RV can never suit everyone’s needs. Phoenix can customize the features of your RV for your exact usage intents as well as personal preferences. Modify your RV with hitches, ramps, hubcaps and other accessories. Several sizes are available.

Learn more about our Bike and Car RVs.

After 25 years in the business of building, servicing, and repairing custom trailers and RV’s, we know that regular RV maintenance is more than a good idea, it will extend the life of your trailer for years to come. It will also save you a lot of money! It is much easier to do regular maintenance on your RV or fix problems when they are still minor in nature, than it is to repair your trailer or RV after a major breakdown or malfunction.

It is important to have a partner in RV repair that you can trust, and Phoenix Coach Works is just that. We treat our customers like we would want to be treated, and our customer’s loyalty shows us just how much they appreciate it.

“Having had repairs done with Joe and the Team at Phoenix Coach Works for some twenty years now, it was only natural that I would purchase my first new 16 horse semi trailer from Phoenix Coach. I can always count on Phoenix Coach to do an excellent job and in an expedited manner…”

– Keith & Joy Cooper

No matter what brand, make, or model RV, horse trailer, enclosed trailer, or toy hauler you may have, we can help you with regular RV maintenance and repairs. We also offer custom trailer paint services, fabrication services, and customizations. We can even paint and service your car, truck, and airplane!

Basically, if you can think of a vehicle or type of service, we can probably help. If you have any questions just call us or fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.

Summer is winding down; it’s cooling off and the kids are preparing to go back to school. While it is probably too late to plan any major family vacations until the kids have another break from school, there is always time for a quick weekend camping getaway. With cooler temperatures day and night, it is a beautiful time to whisk the family away to convene with nature and spend some quality time together away from game systems, computers, TV’s, and all of the other everyday distractions.

When you think of camping you likely think of the hassle of packing up the car with all of the equipment and the prospect of pitching a tent. But camping does not have to be a big production if you have the right equipment! An enclosed trailer with the right features can make for a perfect camping partner. At Phoenix Coach Works we custom manufacture everything from enclosed cargo trailers to toy hauler campers, so we can create any variation in between with as many features as you want (or can afford).

Your new Phoenix Coach Works trailer will become your perfect getaway companion, allowing you to head out of town at the drop of a hat! With a place to store all of your equipment and a place to lay your head at night, getting away from the doldrums of the everyday is a breeze.

If this sounds like a dream, it does not have to be – to get started just fill out the form to the right to get a quote for your Phoenix Coach Works enclosed camper. In no time you will be able to go hike the waterfall, canoe the river, go hunting and fishing, and be one with nature. You will be glad you did, and we bet even the kids will thank you (one day).

Everybody who has a need to haul their toys with them on vacations and road trips knows that an enclosed trailer is the most cost efficient means. As the smallest and lightest of the RV types, enclosed cargo trailers are easy to tow and get into small spaces. This makes them an excellent solution for much more than hauling toys!

If you operate a mobile business, such as selling goods at flea markets, mobile car washing and detailing, or even a construction company – the Phoenix Coach Works enclosed trailer can give you everything you need to safely haul your products and service related materials while providing you a place to relax and get out of the sun while you are working. Whatever your business, our custom enclosed trailers are built to your specific needs and can include as many or as little amenities as you want.

But don’t think that you have to get everything built into your custom enclosed trailer right off the bat. We know that times are tough and you may want to make an investment now to get the enclosed trailer and each year as you find the extra money, bring it into Phoenix Coach Works to add on to it in our custom trailer repair shop.

If you already have an enclosed trailer that was being used for something else previously and needs repairs or customizations, we are happy to help you with that as well. At Phoenix Coach Works we treat all of our customers like family whether they are buying a new custom built trailer or are coming in for a round of repairs. Call us today to learn why our customers keep coming back!

Is your toy hauler, enclosed trailer, horse van, or even your truck in need of repairs and a much needed paint job? Phoenix Coach Works can help! In addition to building trailers from scratch, we also have a full service trailer repair shop. If you bought your trailer or RV from a manufacturer other than Phoenix Coach Works, we can still provide you with repairs and painting services. In fact, some of our clients have commented that after repairs with us, their trailers turn out better than they were brand new.

Whether your roof is leaking, you want a new coat of paint including striping, or you just want to upgrade some of the features of your trailer, Phoenix Coach Works will provide you with the highest quality service and the quickest turnaround time that you can find. And we guarantee your satisfaction! We treat every client just like they were our family member. Many of our clients start out with us for our RV repair services and then when it comes time to buy a new enclosed trailer, they come back to us for our exceptional work and customer service.

There is no trailer service repair too big or too small for Phoenix Coach Works. We even perform PA State Inspections! Call us today for a free trailer repair quote. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.