Transporting horses to shows can add up to become an expensive endeavor. Horse trailers with living quarters will cost you approximately $40-50K. These trailers often end up being 30-40 feet long and are quite heavy to pull so you will also need to invest in a pickup that can tow this load which is going to cost you another $50K.

Instead of spending $100K on a truck and a trailer and then having no place to get out of the sun, you can buy a 2 horse van, also known as a horsebox, which can then tow a living quarter trailer with all of the conveniences of home behind it for a lot less. This configuration has a lot of advantages to the more traditional truck and trailer. Our new 2 horse van is only as long as a pickup truck and has the same towing capacity so you can easily tow an enclosed trailer with living quarters and have a place to store an alternate method of transportation such as a golf cart for use while at the show.

At Phoenix Coach Works all of our horse vans and enclosed trailers are completely customizable so we can build the best configuration to suit your needs. Just tell us what you want and we can make it happen!

It is a good time to save money and make sound financial investments. If you are looking to decrease your horse transportation expenses while increasing your comfort level, Phoenix Coach Works can help.

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